NX 11 Features to Be Discussed in New Online Series

Swoosh Technologies will be launching its live 6-part online series - offering an in-depth look of the latest features in NX.

​Swoosh Technologies - a leading partner of Siemens PLM Software - is set to begin a new 6-part online webinar series that offers an in-depth look of the latest features and tools in Siemens NX 11 - launching November 29, 2016.

The intent of the series is to provide designers and manufacturers a better, effective way in approaching their workflow. "There's a long list of features in NX that don't get utilized simply because the user doesn't know it exists or didn't know what it was for," explains Dan Wibbenmeyer, PLM Solution Consultant at Swoosh Technologies. "We want to provide insight on different ways you can use your favorite features while ultimately reducing time spent on tasks."

The focus isn't necessarily on 'what's new in the latest software release' but more so on '​how can I further push productivity with NX'.

Dan Wibbenmeyer, PLM Solution Consultant

Swoosh Technologies' leading Application Engineers - including Garrett Koch and Joe Gesualdi III - will headline the CAD/CAM series and offer designers and manufacturers useful tips and best practices that can help increase productivity as well as product knowledge during each session. "The focus isn't necessarily on what's new in the latest software release but more so on ​how can I further push productivity with NX," explains Wibbenmeyer. "With the series, we hope fellow NX users will gain a better understanding of their program tool and also obtain tips on better control, easier design changes, and painless access to the information they need. We understand that going from A to B in fewer steps or less is a rather critical factor for many engineers. We're looking forward to showcasing better ways to design, manufacture, and deliver products faster." The sessions will cover various NX features, including:

​The Foundations of Design: From 2D to 3D | November 29 @ 2PM CT
Topics include Layout, Realize Shape, and Convergent Modeling

A New Kind of Hybrid: The New Art of Manufacturing | December 1 @ 2PM CT
Topics include Hybrid Additive Manufacturing, CNC Machining, and Line Designer

​Scratching the Surface: Vital Tools in CAD Design | December 6 @ 2PM CT
​Topics include Sheet Metal Design, Surfacing, and Teamcenter Integration

​Conquering Complexity: Part Machining At Its Finest | December 8 @ 2PM CT
​Topics include Complex Part Machining and CMM Inspection Programming

​The Draft's the Thing: New Standards in Drawing | December 13 @ 2PM CT
Topics include Drafting, Sketching, and NX Viewer

​The Good Connection: Shop Floor Solutions | December 15 @ 2PM CT
​Topics include Shop Floor Connectivity, Manufacturing Resource Library (MRL), and Work Instruction

Registration for the upcoming webinars and further information can be viewed at Swoosh Technologies' website. Interested users are also encouraged to reach out to a Swoosh Representative about the series or latest software release at (314) 549-8110 or contact-us@swooshtech.com. The sessions are at no cost to those who wish to attend.

Source: Swoosh Technologies