Swoosh Technologies Announce the Release of NX 8.5

Swoosh Technologies announce the release of NX 8.5 that provides you with enhanced tools and technologies for product development. The latest release includes new and improved capabilities to increase design, simulation and manufacturing productivity

Swoosh Technologies and Partner, Siemens PLM, announce the release of NX 8.5. The latest version helps companies make smarter decision throughout design, simulation, and manufacturing for increased flexibility and productivity. NX 8.5 includes extensive customer-driven enhancements and new capabilities that help reduce time to market. This version builds on the Siemens PLM HD-PLM vision that was established to help companies make decisions more efficiently and with a higher level of confidence.

"The extensive customer-driven enhancements and new capabilities in NX 8.5 will help our customers further reduce time to market and facilitate smarter decisions that result in better products," said Jim Rusk, senior vice president, Product Engineering Software, Siemens PLM Software. "By intelligently integrating information and providing customers with a high definition user experience, we are reinforcing our commitment to HD-PLM. NX 8.5 also continues our focus on maximizing customers' return on their PLM investment. By conducting extensive testing to ensure version compatibility between each new release, we can deliver a future-proof architecture our customers will never outgrow."

NX 8.5 for Product Design

NX 8.5 takes CAD to another level. For feature-based modeling, the new release includes a more intuitive and efficient sketcher; feature creation using open profiles; and new commands for sheet metal, draft, embossing, unite with region selection, and feature grouping and coloring. The new capabilities accelerate modeling and significantly reduce design steps and complexity.

NX 8.5 continues to leverage synchronous technology, a Siemens PLM Software innovation that combines the speed and flexibility of direct modeling with the precise control of dimension driven design, to provide designers and engineers a better way to create and edit designs.

To learn more about NX CAD 8.5 attend Swoosh Technologies webcast of {url:http://www.swooshtech.com/whats-new-nx-85-cad}"What's New in NX CAD 8.5"[/url] on Dec. 7, 2012.

NX 8.5 for Simulation

NX 8.5 includes new simulation enhancements that help development teams more efficiently engineer products. This version also includes improvements in simulation modeling, structural, thermal, flow, motion and multi-physics analyses to help prepare more accurate analysis models faster, and speed solution time by as much as 25 percent.

Along with the release of NX 8.5 for Simulation, a new version of NX NASTRAN, a premier FEA solver for computational performance and engineering workflow improvements was announced.

NX 8.5 for Manufacturing

NX 8.5 for Manufacturing delivers the next level of NC programming productivity with specialized, industry-specific capabilities in NX CAM.

Save time programming and machining parts with new machining operations, more tool path control, and easier ways to automate programming. Close the quality loop by creating CMM inspection programs and analyzing results all directly within NX. From NC programming through to machining, save on tooling costs and use the right data with new tool library and CAM data management capabilities.

Learn more about the enhancements in NX CAM 8.5 by joining Swoosh Technologies for a "What's New in NX CAM 8.5" webcast Dec. 14, 2012.

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