Swoosh Technologies Announces the Release of KeyShot 4.2

Swoosh Technologies announces the release of KeyShot 4.2 from Luxion. KeyShot 4.2 brings user friendly updates in groups, core usage, material swap, scene revision, and realtime presets.

Swoosh Technologies announces the release of KeyShot 4.2 from Luxion. KeyShot is the first real time ray tracing and global illumination software program. The latest release, 4.2, adds new features to the software and updates the exciting tools that power the rendering and animation process.

KeyShot 4.2 brings faster rendering, better selection and more control over hardware and 3D data import that allows users to work faster and more efficiently without jeopardizing the final quality of their images, animations, and KeyShotVR interactive visuals.


KeyShot 4.2 introduces the ability to create groups in the Project Scene tree. Users may create new groups, drag and drop parts and sub-assemblies into existing groups and move parts between one group and another. The capability includes a full-featured dialog that allows users to add one or multiple parts to an existing group or create a new group directly from the realtime render interface.

Set Core usage

KeyShot now comes with the ability to set priority on the amount of CPU cores used by KeyShot. Since KeyShot is fully CPU-based and utilizes 100% of all available cores, this ensures users are able to have access to more CPU power in other programs while KeyShot is rendering. This is a simple setting accessed from the KeyShot Preferences with the minimum being four cores.

Material swap

Users can now swap materials between selected parts without having to change the material for each part. Users have two options, swapping materials by selecting parts or by dragging and dropping materials from the KeyShot library onto existing materials in the in-project library.

Scene revisions

KeyShot now offers the ability to save revisions of a scene. When users save a scene, rather than overwriting each scene with the latest settings, they can now save revisions of the same scene, which can then be accessed later from within KeyShot.

Realtime presets

There are now more presets available for the realtime viewer. Through the Project settings, users have an immediate selection of preset options that include actual aspect ratios found in print and digital media. These presets are single-click settings that can also be locked to ensure proper resolution.

Additional updates

Additional updates focus on improvements in five main areas where users have provided valuable input and feedback, updates that include:
- Improved render features - faster realtime render mode, transparency for toon material
- Improved usability - select objects by material, light/dark interface themes
- Improved control - Axalta color tweaker, faster object highlight, improved texture mapping, improved move tool and dynamic sliders, copy HDRI regions and scene tree autoscroll.
- Improved animation - New dynamic pivot point and selection of helper objects from the realtime window.
- Improved integration - Support for Autodesk Inventor 2014, improved SolidWorks importer and improved Alias import.

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