Swoosh Technologies Brings You Solid Edge ST5

With the launch of Solid Edge ST5 underway, Swoosh Technologies & Solutions partners with Siemens PLM to reveal the next Solid Edge promotion

Swoosh Technologies takes pride in bringing Solid Edge users over 1300 customer-driven enhancements with capabilities at helping users develop better products faster with Solid Edge ST5. [url:http://www.http://www.swooshtech.com/Swoosh_training_courses}Solid Edge ST5[/url] takes synchronous design to a new level with multi-body modeling. With this integrated approach imported assemblies can be consolidated into a single part file to better represent purchased components. Parts can be split or merged, giving a flexible way to adapt designs to different manufacturing processes. With this and many other new capabilities users can accelerate design, speed revisions, and improve imported 2D and 3D data re-use.

"I am very impressed with what I have seen in Solid Edge ST5; especially the new multi-body design capability," said Grant Holohan, Mechanical Engineer, Hatch, a leading global EPCM company specializing in designing large-scale mining operations. "The new multi-body design capability gives us the freedom to design without worrying about individual parts unless needed. Using Solid Edge ST5 will dramatically increase the design productivity of our staff, saving a substantial amount of design time."

Built-In Thermal Simulation

Simulate designs involving steady-state heat transfer with Solid Edge ST5. Using proven Femap technology, designers or engineers can analyze thermal conditions on mechanical or electro-mechanical assemblies. When combined with other built-in solvers, users have more tools to help shave material costs and reduce the need for physical prototypes.

World-Class Drafting

Drawings are the key deliverable for many companies, so we focus on helping you drive-down costs by reducing drawing production time. Production nailboard drawings derived from 3D wire harnesses are now automated, as are harness flattening, annotating, and adding connector drawings with pin details. Solid Edge ST5 also speeds drawing creation with improved parts lists, dimension display control, and text boxes with bullets and numbering.

With the launch of ST5 underway, Swoosh Technologies & Solutions partners with Siemens PLM to reveal the next Solid Edge promotion. From now until September 21, 2012 customers can purchase one license of Solid Edge and get one free (terms and conditions apply). Swoosh Technologies brings design solutions to the user through software and training of Solid Edge and other Siemens PLM products.


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